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    Amanda Velloen, Pretoria, South Africa

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    Beverly Welbourne, Goshen, Ohio

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    Peter Shepherd, Neuilly, France

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    Martha Snee, Wood-Ridge, New Jersey

Testimonials - Page 4

During the session, it didnt feel as powerful as Potentiation, whereas in that session, it felt as if the layers of my heart were peeling and expanding outwards, a very powerful session. Nevertheless, Articulation, although a normal relaxation for me, seems to have benefited me greatly. I noticed after the first few days a shift within me. I feel much, much better about life. I work long hours, but my attitude towards work has altered considerably. I appreciate it much more now. It always was a very good job, and its now I realize how fortunate I really am. It feels as if I am more grounded, a kind of awareness that surrounds me every day, as if the negative poisons of my mind and body have drained away. It really is quite magical. My mindset has changed within one year. Its as if the new energies of the universe connected and tapped into me, drew me to my wonderful girlfriend, and to your website. Your sessions are unique. Mark Davis, South Wales, United Kingdom

Many thanks for being midwives again in the Articulation phase. I felt perfectly connected to my source: energy pouring and flowing. I feel more in balance than ever before, equanimity is probably the best word to put it together. Mindfulness is another aspect I experience deeper and over longer periods. Being aware that I am the one consciousness. Thanks again. Hubert Duijsens, Echteld, Netherlands

I woke up this morning following my Articulation very late, having had a very deep sleep! You two deserve the Nobel prize for the work you do! Lets just say my body is 'getting rid of' what made me so ill in the first place. I can actually see my skin dumping bacteria and pathogens. It was easy to connect with you both at the Theta frequency! As one of my heroes, Richard Bandler, says: All healing is faith healing. Last night I just kept saying to myself, 'I align with Sol and Leigh,' and I could feel the whole process work: audio, visual and kinesthetic! For me after only 12 hours, the results have been staggering, to say the least! DS, London, United Kingdom

Since our Articulation my daughter is quieter and I'm more relaxed. In fact, Ive been in an almost constant relaxed state ever since. Even when provoked by a huge argument an hour after our session. I have to say I feel good. A longer, deeper 'high' than with any other work Ive ever done. Feeling elevated from energy work longer than a day is pretty impressive, if you ask me. My daughter says, 'My skin looks clearer and I dont feel so stressed.' While she seems more lively, I feel more caring and less inclined to worry. So double yay! MH, Asheville, North Carolina

I had Articulation done about two weeks agohave waited to write to see how things go. Think Ive lost 1 or 2 allergiesone to lemons and one to peanut butter. I feel pretty goodlots of energy and a positive attitude. Find myself celebrating just being alivenot very usual for me. Interested to see if this continuesif the rest of the allergies leave. Thanks for your continuing and amazing work. DB, Juneau, Alaska

I felt and continue to feel Articulation more profoundly and consciously than Potentiation. It feels very deep but also gentle and nonintrusive. I have been meditating for 13 years and have historically found it difficult to carry the consciousness of my meditative states into my everyday life. So I have often felt like two people. Since Articulation I feel more present, more incarnated, and more like one person. Interestingly, my son developed a fever within a few hours of the Articulation. He was asleep by the time of our session and I didnt check on him until much later, so I dont know if he developed the fever immediately. But he looks wonderful and lighter, as if some burden a five-year-old should not have has been lifted from him. Something wonderful is happening. AM, Phoenixville, Pennsylvania

It was evident I was immediately empowered because in recent days, after my Articulation, Ive been facing extremely challenging circumstances at work: a presentation to 40 people on a $7 million technology project that surprised some because of unresolved issues ... follow-up discussions with my Chief Information Officer and the VP of Technology ... and recovery from some of the the 'fallout.' In spite of these challenges, everyone involved is pulling together. There was a potential for people to get defensive; however, everyone is very helpful and creative in figuring out solutions. Communication between everyone has been enhanced. I was simply looking forward to my increased creativity and enhanced communication. But its apparent that everyone on my project has benefited from Articulation. VB, Dallas, Texas

Following my Articulation Im experiencing huge waves of energy. Additionally, Ive had big energetic openings that relate to the second and fourth chakrasphysical energies shifting as well as beliefs and emotions. Im definitely moving into more of a 'third-person' awareness, which is kind of a surprise in the midst of all these powerful awakenings. Ive also had lots of mostly positive movement in the relationship area. Strangely enough, with all of this going on I feel Im definitely moving to a place of internal stability and balance. This is truly some powerful work! TV, Cincinnati, Ohio

In the months since our Articulation session Ive experienced a newfound sense of gentleness with myselfon all levels. Ive also felt stronger during workouts and am breathing much easier. Im also waking up happy, in contrast to a previous sense of heaviness and feeling overwhelmed. In addition, Im more 'psychic'! Many neat synchronistic things have been happening. I have a sense of my emotional defenses lessening, a sort of braver vulnerability. In addition, there's been a total dissipation of my weird food disorders. Throughout the process Ive seemed to take 10 steps forward then 1 step back then 10 steps forward againas if the last remnants of dysfunction were being released. NP, Seattle, Washington


I did feel the power of my Elucidation session. It was wonderful. The first three days I feel could the disruption in my energy field and my body, breaking down the old patterns so the new could be put in place. By the fourth day I felt more settled. Now when limiting thoughts and feelings come up, they just seem to float through my awareness without sticking to me. I have been following my thoughts and feelings back to the sponsoring belief system or thought form for some time now so I understand that part of it but before I would still feel bad and the emotions would overtake me so I couldnt function at my optimum. Many of my negative feelings were from before birth and during my early years so I didnt really  know how to feel differently. I would try to imagine a different more positive picture but I was still always struggling with the density overload and the nonproductive feelings which I couldnt seem to make a permanent change in. I have tried different healing methods, DNA activations, visualizations, affirmations, deeksha, and more over the years but never have I reached the desired level of mastery that I seek. I am hopeful that I am on the right path to be able to manifest the full potential of who I am.  Thank you for your work and your help. I think you might be on the right track to really make the changes necessary to move forward. I think my learning experiences are similar to many so as I am able to get through others can do the same thing. I have been blessed with good health most of my life so I dont have health issues. My problems stemmed from emotional and mental negative programming from dysfunctional family structures. I dont blame them I am just understanding where things originate from and how they affect us. I will have a update as I see how this unfolds. VT, Rensselaer, New York

I enjoy reading your work and am enormously grateful to you both. There are many changes on many levels going on for all of us. We all have more energy. My chronic fatigue is much, much better, but I still have afternoon lows. I have a slight and partial form of what could be dyslexia; translating thought into language, at times articulation of speech and hearing ... This has also improved slightly in this last month. I always thought this problem was tied to the emotional level, as it has caused much frustration in my life, especially in these recent years ... so it will be interesting to see what happens in these next nine months with Elucidation! SS, Udine, Italy

I have been going through the most mind-blowing transformational experiences ever, and I just checked up on how it corresponds to the unfoldment of Elucidation on the Schematic, and I have goosebumps right now! It is all too complicated to properly convey by email, but I at least wanted to say to you how much I appreciate the work you are doing and the gift you are providing to humanity from the bottom of my heart. Thank you so much! Ceth Ranney, Vancouver, Canada

Right after my Elucidation session, I felt so light and clear. I felt blocked energy releasing right away. My kundalini turned on and I experienced incredible warmth emanating from my second chakra area and then throughout the rest of my body. I noticed three distinct shifts in my energy. My emotions went from frustration and pain to enthusiasm and joy. It feels like a great burden has been lifted from my space and I dont have to struggle anymore. This has been the most dramatic of my sessions as far as my noticing energy shifts and changes during the session. I expect the months ahead will be interesting! Thanks so much for doing the work you are doing. It will definitely be one of the primary healing modes of the future. JE, Oakland, California

I did indeed feel the energy strongly during my (our) Elucidation session. It was different this time from previous sessions. I felt a very high, intense energy around my head, but only from the ears up, as if my head were divided in half horizontally. It felt as if there must be a very high vibration being directed to that part of my body. Below my ears/nose to about midway on my chest was a more mellow energy. I really didnt feel anything further down on my torso and legs. During the session, the 'above' energy lessened a bit in intensity and seemed to almost meld with the 'below' energy, but the feeling of having a 'divided head' remained distinct. I found it interesting and thrilling to experience. Thank you both for being such wonderful Lightworkers, and for creating, developing and facilitating this amazing healing process. EL, Daly City, California


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