• POTENTIATE YOUR DNA “is a gift of love, offering to all a simple, profound, elegant system of personal empowerment and self-healing."

    Carolyn Barnes, Dublin, Ohio

  • POTENTIATE YOUR DNA “is both fascinating and an astounding, perhaps even world-changing theory."


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    David Kamnitzer, DC, San Jose, California

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    Julie TwoMoon, NMD, Plymouth, Michigan

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  • "The highly effective Regenetics Method opens the door to a completely new kind of mind-body-spirit medicine."


  • "The Regenetics Method is personal evolution accelerated."

    Brendan D. Murphy, Sydney, Australia

  • "Regenetics has been the holy grail for me."

    Darlene Crystal, West Harrison, New York

  • "Your work is truly inspiring in how you were able to interpret the Law of One, Sound and Light."

    Paulette Hansen, Crested Butte, Colorado

  • "The Regenetics Method has taken me into a new level in my own consciousness."

    Amanda Velloen, Pretoria, South Africa

  • "I believe Regenetics is worth more than you are charging. It is so clear that it works, and even the sequence and timeline are accurate."

    Beverly Welbourne, Goshen, Ohio

  • "If you wish to have a greater conscious experience of yourself as a spiritual physical being, the Regenetics Method is definitely for you."

    David Masson, Montreal, Canada

  • "Regenetics has tremendously improved my work as a therapist as well as my personal relationships. As a fringe benefit, I'm often told I look ten years younger!"

    Angelika Wienrich, London, United Kingdom

  • "I have just completed the fourth activation of the Regenetics Method, and immediately I had a totally new perception of Oneness."

    Peter Shepherd, Neuilly, France

  • "I highly recommend the Regenetics Method. It is effective and efficient, and is also a great value!"

    Lillian Bajor, Los Angeles, California

  • "This one modality directly and permanently promotes transformation at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. I am forever grateful I found Regenetics."

    Martha Snee, Wood-Ridge, New Jersey

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I cant believe its been nine months already since Potentiation. There have been a lot of changes in my life, internally and externally. Im starting a new career. I became a vegan (mostly) and my healths never been better. But most importantly, my consciousness has gone through quite an overhaul. Life and the universe look totally different now, and I enjoy much more freedom and gratitude than I ever imagined before. I seem to encounter friends, teachers and inspirational materials on a constant basis. There is a strong sense that finally everything is coming together. Thank you so very much for the service you provide. I look forward to Elucidation and all the new changes it will bring. LB, Little Rock, Arkansas

I must say that since my Potentiation over five months ago, Ive become extremely clear and focused in a way that I havent been before. Very frequently my body feels so light and erectI feel as though Im pure light in movementcant quite describe it in adequate words. I just know that I wouldnt trade how I experience the world within for anything. As part of my experience Ive literally felt torsion shiftsalmost as though a chiropractor is working on me. Thank you. GP, Toronto, Canada

Thank you so much for my Potentiation session yesterday. I definitely connected with you and it felt very powerful. While meditating during the session, I experienced tingling feelings which continue at times todaywaves of energy moving through me, a very warm and expansive feeling in my chest/heart chakra area, and definite feelings of joy and and an uplifted sense. I also starting feeling shifts prior to the session after reading your book, which is fascinating and inspiring. So much of it resonates with me. This may sound strange, but it feels like Im absorbing essential nutrients as I take in your words. It is amazing work that youre facilitating. I already feel different: lighter, more clear-headed, energetic, and hopeful. Ive had carb hangovers whenever I had even a little bit of carbs or sugars, and have thus had to totally avoid them for years, severely limiting my ability to eat out/socialize/travel. I do a lot of self muscle-testing and while I know its early in my Potentiation, Im AMAZED that I already test strong to healthy (organic) carbs and even straight sugar! Wow! As well, chemical sensitivities have dominated my life for 18 years. Im already feeling shifts here as well and will you keep me posted on my healing. Eliminating MCS and food intolerances will create a quantum leap of improvement in all areas of my life. Thank you again. I will indeed spread the word to all those who can hear it! JS, Cumming, Georgia

Nearly three months into Potentiation, the love I feel in my heart is divine and I am really embracing the beloved in me like never before. I feel amazing, my body is splendid, I am eating many more foods (though still not doing great with too much sugar), and my energy is fabulous. My leadership has amplified considerably, affecting all the men and women I am in vibrational union with throughout the world. I am generating much more in all areas, and my mother and I are working together in a new way. I feel happy and joyfullike I have moved into a whole new place of being and am really embracing my natural gifts and developing them at a deeper level. Some people are leaving my life, but most importantly, I am no longer triggered by the duality in others and am maintaining my unity at all levels. So thanks to you! Your work is amazing. God bless! SF, Sydney, Australia

Since experiencing Potentiation Electromagnetic Repatterning, I have personally gained greater clarity of purpose, a clearer soul connection with my I AM, and a deeper sense of reunification with myself as Source. A tangible feeling of Wholeness is becoming common in my everyday experience. My reactions to events and people in my life are transforming into genuine responses. I understand in an immediate way that I make real what I think is real, and that I have the power to change both. More and more, I feel unconditional love and compassion expanding my heart, connecting me to a growing sense of Wholeness and Unity Consciousness. Roshoniel, Saint Cloud, Florida

I have completed my nine months for the Potentiation process and boy am I happy. I now have a life where before I had only restrictions. I can drive my car without wearing a mask. I can shovel shavings for my horses stall without feeling dizzy and sick. I can stay on the computer 6 to 8 hours a day instead of less than one hour. I have a great boyfriend. I am well enough to work and earn a good livingsomething Ive waited 15 years for. The person I was before Potentiation was so physically damaged by heavy metal and other toxicity it was just a matter of time before a nasty reaction would have sent me out with heart failure. Its difficult to describe in words, but I feel new and renewed, as if the best part of me expanded and everything else, including my brain fog, just disappeared. My heartfelt thanks. Dawn Macaskill, Orcas Island, Washington

I am so grateful for Potentiation. It has really helped me turn the corner on emotional reactivity in important relationships. In the midst of conflict I am able to both understand the other person and have on-the-spot clarity about my feelings and the needs of the situation, and communicate it, with respect for myself and the other person. It has transformed conflict around here, with lovely effects that have radiated into my extended family, my daughter, my son and my mother. I plan to write more soon about these powerful and sweet unfoldments. JS, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Thank you so much for last weeks Potentiation session. Ive been involved with energy work for a long time and have never experienced the kind of shift that has happened since connecting with you. Ive already released a lot of emotional garbage. The amazing thing is that even though it was intense, I felt supported. Physically, in fact, I feel better than I have in years. Since the onset of my chronic environmental illness many years ago, any strong emotion would rattle my nervous system and make my allergies worse. Not now. I feel good. The emotional stuff has cleared. I never really expected to feel completely well again, and its a little mind-boggling thinking about what Im going to do with my life as a fully functioning person.Shauna Peterson, Orcas Island, Washington

I want to tell you about the subtle changes that have been taking place in my life since my Potentiation last week. Im experiencing an overall calmness and wisdom. My loved ones seem more drawn to be with me. Im communicating in a more specific and less emotional manner, and have started to just enjoy my time, no matter what Im doing. Ive started observing what 'is' and noticing what does and doesnt work, and am working on re-creating the life I want based purely on my potential. My health is improving every day; Im definitely more aware of what is and isnt contributing to my wellbeing. It has only been a week since my session and I realize I have so much more to be, do and have! Jacquelyn Hayes, Raynham, Massachusetts

At the time of my Potentiation seven months ago, I was depressed and suicidal due to my inability to sleep. Id often go whole nights and only get an hour of sleep. I still struggle somewhat with insomnia, but I no longer, or rarely, have the kind of nights I used to have before Potentiation. Ive also suffered for years from TMJ, but in spite of braces and a mouth full of metal, Ive improved in this area as well. I still have many challenges, but I now generally believe life is worth living and I even have feelings of happiness and joy. I also had a serious case of Restless Leg Syndrome when I began this process. I still have it at times, but lately it has been a lot less. I know this doesnt sound like much, but trust me, its a big deal. I think of all the many things Ive tried, Potentiation has probably been the best investment in my overall health and has helped me the most. Kathy Christoph, Atlanta, Georgia

I consider myself very open-minded and accept the power of spirit to heal physical and mental imbalances. Yet last year when I was suddenly confronted with severe food and chemical allergies after a trip to Haiti, I felt humbled by limitations Id never personally experienced. A yoga and meditation practitioner for many years, I thought I was immune to chronic physical ailments. A close friend recommended Potentiation, and since Id noticed significant improvements in her, I decided to try it. I prepared myself mentally for a week, drawing on my own knowledge of the power of intention to heal. My Potentiation session itself wasnt at first very different from deep meditation. Soon, however, the results were astonishing. In less than two days I felt my allergies completely leave my body, as well as mucus-forming food 'intolerances' to wheat and dairy that had plagued me since childhood. I could eat anything, though Im still vegetarian for moral reasons, and could finally breathe through my nose again! I strongly recommend this healing process, but be very pure and strong in your intention as to why youre 'potentiating.' Don’t forget its your higher mind you’re connecting with, and that healing starts in you. Demeter Russafov, Marshall, North Carolina


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