• POTENTIATE YOUR DNA “is a gift of love, offering to all a simple, profound, elegant system of personal empowerment and self-healing."

    Carolyn Barnes, Dublin, Ohio

  • POTENTIATE YOUR DNA “is both fascinating and an astounding, perhaps even world-changing theory."


  • "If you love the cutting-edge of the cutting-edge, read POTENTIATE YOUR DNA!"

    David Kamnitzer, DC, San Jose, California

  • "Regenetics should be the starting place of every health practice."

    Julie TwoMoon, NMD, Plymouth, Michigan

  • "This is revolutionary healing science expanding the boundaries of being."


  • "The highly effective Regenetics Method opens the door to a completely new kind of mind-body-spirit medicine."


  • "The Regenetics Method is personal evolution accelerated."

    Brendan D. Murphy, Sydney, Australia

  • "Regenetics has been the holy grail for me."

    Darlene Crystal, West Harrison, New York

  • "Your work is truly inspiring in how you were able to interpret the Law of One, Sound and Light."

    Paulette Hansen, Crested Butte, Colorado

  • "The Regenetics Method has taken me into a new level in my own consciousness."

    Amanda Velloen, Pretoria, South Africa

  • "I believe Regenetics is worth more than you are charging. It is so clear that it works, and even the sequence and timeline are accurate."

    Beverly Welbourne, Goshen, Ohio

  • "If you wish to have a greater conscious experience of yourself as a spiritual physical being, the Regenetics Method is definitely for you."

    David Masson, Montreal, Canada

  • "Regenetics has tremendously improved my work as a therapist as well as my personal relationships. As a fringe benefit, I'm often told I look ten years younger!"

    Angelika Wienrich, London, United Kingdom

  • "I have just completed the fourth activation of the Regenetics Method, and immediately I had a totally new perception of Oneness."

    Peter Shepherd, Neuilly, France

  • "I highly recommend the Regenetics Method. It is effective and efficient, and is also a great value!"

    Lillian Bajor, Los Angeles, California

  • "This one modality directly and permanently promotes transformation at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. I am forever grateful I found Regenetics."

    Martha Snee, Wood-Ridge, New Jersey


Enjoy this selection of diverse and far-reaching Testimonials by clients of the Regenetics Method!

NOTE: These Testimonials are for informational purposes only and make no health claims about the Regenetics Method. Please see our Disclaimer at the bottom of this page.

Watch these incredible testimonials:


“I went through the Potentiation more out of curiosity than necessity to see if it would possibly help a friend who was severely damaged from vaccines. Half way through the nine month time frame I bought the book to more fully understand what I was miraculously experiencing. I was detoxing from things I never realized I had problems with. The book is very well written and explains clearly what you are experiencing during this life changing event. I have since potentiated my friend using the sound codes in the book. She is feeling the shifts very strongly and detoxing in multiple ways and while being uncomfortable, it is an uncomfortable she describes as being positive. She says it’s like she can feel the toxins that have plagued her for a decade are exiting her body. I have now finished my 9 month course and the Articulation. I am feeling stronger than I remember feeling in a long time. Do not delay!” Kristen VanZandt

“I potentiated my 11-year-old son with autism this past May. Within weeks, his rash on his legs that he’s had for 5 yrs disappeared. We also discontinued supplements/meds he was taking for gut health and brain inflammation. His motor skills improved as well and is becoming more aware as the days pass. Lately, he’s been becoming more consistent in his progress in school as well and I’m getting more good days on his progress book from his teacher than difficult ones. It’s only been 3.5 months and I am so excited to witness his healing taking place. I am truly grateful that I found the book Potentiate Your DNA. It is life changing and this method has inspired me so much that I became a facilitator for the Regenetics Method. To see my son making progress as the days pass just fills me with hope. And I hope that other children in the spectrum will be able to experience the benefits of Potentiation.” Mar V.

“Within the last 6 months I have started singing with a few friends, for fun mostly, and also to help me express myself more comfortably and fully. It truly has helped my mood and energy level, and my paralyzing fear of performing in public, even if it is just speaking. I used to cry every time I started to speak or sing, which was very embarrassing and of course added to my angst. Since my Potentiation almost 2 months ago, the singing has gotten even better. I have no plans to be a star, I wouldn't want the pressure that goes along with it, but it sure is nice to be able to be comfortable doing something I really enjoy, and to be getting better at doing it. I do seem to be able to manage the stress in my life much better as well. There has been a tremendous increase in the level of stress I am experiencing in my business and my personal life, and before my blood pressure would have been through the roof and I would have felt completely overwhelmed by an impossible situation. Today I went to my yearly physical and my blood pressure is lower than it has been for at least a year, and I am able to see the huge transition that is coming in my life with a sense of humor and curious optimism instead of dread and impending doom. I attribute this to singing every day either alone or with a group, including in the shower, and to Potentiation, which has allowed me to come back into balance much more quickly than before whenever I was knocked out.” Rohanna Mac, Saranac, New York

“My report experiencing Potentiation. I was loaded with heavy metals and toxicity including parasites, which are almost gone. Skin itching has disappeared. I am experiencing greater mental clarity. I now have more energy. Severe pain in my right hip and foot is almost gone. I experienced the Kundalini movements about 3 times during sleep over my 42 weeks of Potentiation. I am looking forward to Articulation. Thank you very much. God bless you.” JB, Ontario, Canada

“I just wanted to tell you that the Potentiation was a roller coaster for me but it was totally worth it. My allergies are gone, I’m experiencing fewer migraines and better digestion, and I’m sleeping more soundly. Cannot tell you how grateful I am. I’m so happy with the changes that have taken place and wish more people were aware of this wonderful method.” Joyce Treacy, San Diego, California

“Lily is doing amazing. She is a 15-year-old cat that underwent a thyroid procedure last summer and was not recovering very quickly In the last two months since her Potentiation, she did a huge turnaround … interested in the world again, curiosity rebirthed, coat beautiful, full and luscious again, talking all the time. Wow. Thank you.” Magi McCabe, Portland, Oregon

“I would like to thank you both for all the DNA activations that we did over the 2 years. I feel so much different then 2 years ago. My life flows, work is great and my relationships are getting better too. I have so much love in my heart sometimes that it hurts. A few weeks ago I visited a kinesiologist and had my level of consciousness (on the scale of Dr David Hawkins) tested and I was so pleased with the result. Keep up the good work.” Carla, Queensland, Australia

“I just got in from weed trimming the yard. I don’t get much exercise these days and in the past, if I had been out doing the same physical activity when so out of shape, I’d have had to use my inhaler do to asthmatic breathing. I have had asthma all my life. I am 56 years old. I can’t remember not having it. When I was young, there were emergency trips to the doctor for adrenaline shots. I have even had to go to the emergency room before as an adult about 10 years ago because I breathed in some mist from a sprayer filled with a Clorox solution to kill mildew. I came in from the yard today after weed trimming and with not even a touch of asthma. It has been nearly 2 years since I have had to use my inhaler. I don’t even have one around anymore for emergencies. Pretty amazing. I haven’t done anything different than I have ever done except the Regenetics process. And in the past I did lots of things: homeopathy (more than 15 years ago), nutrition, etc.” LR, North Carolina

“I believe that Regenetics, along with daily use of energy self-healing techniques and meditation, is responsible for my being able to reduce my negative self-talk nearly completely, something I did not believe was possible.” DS Metairie, Louisiana

I have enjoyed the first three stages Potentiation, Articulation and Elucidation. I must say my body is stronger and better functioning then it has ever been. My acupuncturist was astounded. She thought she was testing the pulses of a teenager ... Amazing since I turn 55 this year.FP, Brisbane, Australia

I am excited and grateful for the amazing opportunity that is Regenetics. So much about me has changed. In subtle ways, I am truly not the same person I started out as. I am feeling much more connected with a stronger intuition and able to manifest what I need in my life more easily. I have greater peace and harmony. I feel like the butterfly coming out of the cocoon and can hardly wait to fly and experience the beauty of my new world. I am so grateful! Donna Velasco, Yorba Linda, California


I have had wonderful results with Potentiation, which I did for several reasons. One of the main reasons I decided to try it was terrible pain from Fibromyalgia. I was unable to take pharmaceuticals, as they affected me badly, and I always got sicker from them. While it did not happen overnight, I feel a major difference! I used to think I was lucky to go a few days or sometimes a week where I could function with the pain. I did Potentiation in June of 2012. It is now January of 2013 and I have been symptom-free since September. If you are thinking of trying it, I say go for it. It truly improved my quality of life! Penny McCloud, Vidor, Texas

I was truly astounded by how my Potentiation session resonated in my physical body and subtle energy fields, and by the accuracy of predicted emotional awareness as torsion energy cycled through my body. For example in Field 9, the emotions are atonement, deprivation, resentment, sense of being trapped and unforgiveness. I understood each word in my physical-pain body and held space in my heart for love and compassion for myself and others. Each cycle gave a new awareness of a more united understanding of my energetic being, this lifetime contribution to the person I am becoming, and the expansion of my heart. The Regenetics Method offers a gift of hope to those experiencing emotional and physical pain by providing a predictable flow of self-cleansing that can be interpreted by your body, mind, soul and spirit for what is correct for you. It is a journey worth taking and well-charted by Sol and Leigh, who brought together many insights and texts from around the world, to create this program. PH, Crested Butte, Colorado

Before Potentiation I felt very weak and was experiencing strange headaches and a higher than normal blood pressure. The day before my Potentiation session I quit smoking cold turkey and have not had a puff since. In the past 30 years, Ive tried to quit smoking probably at least 20 times using all sorts of smoking cessation therapies such acupuncture, laser, hypnosis, etc., which helped during the initial withdrawal period but did nothing to overcome the lethargy and inertia that always followed. This is the first time I quit smoking without having the desire to break down and cheat once. Also, I didnt feel as lethargic as I normally do and feel my strength increasing on a daily basis. Im not saying it was easy, but something was different this time. I feel as though I was ridding my body of all sorts of toxins, not only the nicotine. Im one hundred percent confident that Ive kicked the habit for good! And I attribute my success to Potentiation. JC, Woodstock, Illinois

“Your work has been the holy grail for me. Your process is doing exactly for me what I needed and wanted in a natural unfolding, as it should be. I am connecting to Source so much more strongly than before and my life is becoming magical. I am tremendously changed, more me, than ever.” Darlene Crystal, West Harrison, New York

Its now 18 months after we first experienced Potentiation and I wanted to write about this first activation because in some ways it is the most important to me. My husband had been horribly sick with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and Fibromyalgia for nearly 3 years. We had tried countless therapies and moved to Hawaii from New York City in hopes that his 32-year-old body would recover. Every day was just pain for him; he couldnt think, had bad anxiety, heart palpitations, constant nausea, and couldnt sleep for more than 2 hours at night. We signed up for Potentiation. He felt visibly improved in the days right after. I was so happy! A week after Potentiation he was at his computer reading and interested in work again. He could think! The anxiety stopped. In the weeks that followed, he was able to get more and more sleep. As Im writing this testimonial 18 months later, after completing Articulation and Elucidation, he is pain free. He sleeps like a log at night. He works out three days a week at the gym. While going through the DNA activation, we continued exploring ways to heal the physical body. There are many things that helped the detoxification process and some that didnt. In the end, many things contributed to my husbands recovery. Potentiation, however, in my mind, truly commenced the healing journey as well as provided a timeline that brought us both back from darkness. EK, Kamuela, Hawaii

The past 5 months since my Potentiation have been amazing. What a process you have developed! I noticed the following ... I went on a HUGE house cleaning binge. I was tired but somehow had this incredible energy to clean everything in sightlike never before. I couldnt believe it. Later, a bump that I had above my eyebrow got itchy and burst open. Id had it for over 15 years and thought it was just a part of me, but then it completely disappeared, healing without any scarring in just 3 days! Wow! Ive also noticed that I have better tolerance for foods. My daughter has also greatly improved on the foods she can tolerate and her digestion. Finally, Ive had an inner confidence that I never had before and am starting a private practice after hating my office job for many years. Im really looking forward to the rest of the process to see where this will lead me! Anitta Carr, Ontario, Canada

Potentiation triggered/activated my great awakening to Self-realisation, Galactic, Universal, Multi-Universal and Cosmic Consciousness and Oneness with life. I have utilised many other teachings to support the continued transition and integration process, but I know within my heart that my initial investment was perhaps one of the best things I have done in this life and it has repayed itself a thousandfold and continues to bring and add great value to my life. JW, Wales, United Kingdom

I definitely felt the connection with you during our Potentiation session. I began to feel a strong vibratory connection with the work when I read Conscious Healing. I read it through the first time in one day, and though I didnt take everything in, I could 'feel' that this was the right thing for me to participate in at this time. The next day I contacted you to set up an appointment. From that day the process began for me. My posture easily changed and became more upright. I began to feel a deep calmness and serenity. I felt enormously confident that this was going to make a huge difference in my life. Throughout the day of my Potentiation, I felt as though I was being 'worked on' in different energy fields. An hour before the session I felt a great surge of joyful energy. I have since read your book several times and am so thrilled to learn about some of the science to back up what I suspected and have been reading about in other texts. Your courage to put some very controversial texts together with the science was so gratifying for me. Your writing and the way you explain and connect things put a lot of disparate pieces of so many puzzles together. I am also grateful for your generosity to tell your story about your own bodies. I had been suffering from many physical challenges and feel absolutely certain that I have turned a corner and that these things are now part of my past. Up until the Potentiation session, I had been struggling with the most vile and crazy-making rash. The only thing that would relieve me of the severe discomfort was an over-the-counter antihistamine that left me feeling lousier than I did with just the rash. After the session I just knew that I could stop taking the drugs, so I went to bed drug-free for the first time in months. I woke up feeling refreshed with no itching at all. If this is all I have to look forward to, it would be enough. I know this is just the beginning, though, and I will keep you apprised of all the other miracles that I know are mine to enjoy now that I have been blessed with the first phase of Regenetics. I give thanks for all the ways you were guided to facilitate this work and even give thanks for all the years of symptoms that led me to try this process, because it is a truly a blessing to witness and be the recipient of such vision and revelation. DP, New York, New York

My personal experience of the first phase of Regenetics, Potentiation, was powerful, initiating a great deal of emotional as well as physical (pain) release, especially in my head--which as a massage therapist, I found most interesting! As a child I had a lot of head injuries and also contracted meningitis at two and a half. Throughout my adult life, in therapy and elsewhere, Id attempted to get to the core of the abandonment issues around my traumatic experience of meningitis (when I was quarantined away from my parents for days), but on some level I knew my cells were 'hanging on' to the memory. The very day of the Potentiation process when I entered the seventh field, which in my Electromagnetic Group (energy family) regulates the musculoskeletal system as well as many emotions associated with abandonment, I was massaging a client. Halfway through I started sobbing and couldnt stop. I felt exactly the same sensation I felt during my meningitis episode: that of being catapulted into space, disconnected from everybody and everything, floating in a dark tunnel. Until Potentiation it wasnt possible to feel, at a body level, the full emotional impact of this experience. But now I was feeling it. Somehow I finished the massage and called two friends to be with me as I underwent the most extraordinary release over twenty-four hours during which I felt my cells were literally being cleansed biochemically of the hormonal residue of my childhood trauma. Within two days my lifelong fear of abandonment was merely a memory. SL, London, United Kingdom

I cant believe its been nine months already since Potentiation. There have been a lot of changes in my life, internally and externally. Im starting a new career. I became a vegan (mostly) and my healths never been better. But most importantly, my consciousness has gone through quite an overhaul. Life and the universe look totally different now, and I enjoy much more freedom and gratitude than I ever imagined before. I seem to encounter friends, teachers and inspirational materials on a constant basis. There is a strong sense that finally everything is coming together. Thank you so very much for the service you provide. I look forward to Elucidation and all the new changes it will bring. LB, Little Rock, Arkansas

I must say that since my Potentiation over five months ago, Ive become extremely clear and focused in a way that I havent been before. Very frequently my body feels so light and erectI feel as though Im pure light in movementcant quite describe it in adequate words. I just know that I wouldnt trade how I experience the world within for anything. As part of my experience Ive literally felt torsion shiftsalmost as though a chiropractor is working on me. Thank you. GP, Toronto, Canada

Thank you so much for my Potentiation session yesterday. I definitely connected with you and it felt very powerful. While meditating during the session, I experienced tingling feelings which continue at times todaywaves of energy moving through me, a very warm and expansive feeling in my chest/heart chakra area, and definite feelings of joy and and an uplifted sense. I also starting feeling shifts prior to the session after reading your book, which is fascinating and inspiring. So much of it resonates with me. This may sound strange, but it feels like Im absorbing essential nutrients as I take in your words. It is amazing work that youre facilitating. I already feel different: lighter, more clear-headed, energetic, and hopeful. Ive had carb hangovers whenever I had even a little bit of carbs or sugars, and have thus had to totally avoid them for years, severely limiting my ability to eat out/socialize/travel. I do a lot of self muscle-testing and while I know its early in my Potentiation, Im AMAZED that I already test strong to healthy (organic) carbs and even straight sugar! Wow! As well, chemical sensitivities have dominated my life for 18 years. Im already feeling shifts here as well and will you keep me posted on my healing. Eliminating MCS and food intolerances will create a quantum leap of improvement in all areas of my life. Thank you again. I will indeed spread the word to all those who can hear it! JS, Cumming, Georgia

Nearly three months into Potentiation, the love I feel in my heart is divine and I am really embracing the beloved in me like never before. I feel amazing, my body is splendid, I am eating many more foods (though still not doing great with too much sugar), and my energy is fabulous. My leadership has amplified considerably, affecting all the men and women I am in vibrational union with throughout the world. I am generating much more in all areas, and my mother and I are working together in a new way. I feel happy and joyfullike I have moved into a whole new place of being and am really embracing my natural gifts and developing them at a deeper level. Some people are leaving my life, but most importantly, I am no longer triggered by the duality in others and am maintaining my unity at all levels. So thanks to you! Your work is amazing. God bless! SF, Sydney, Australia

Since experiencing Potentiation Electromagnetic Repatterning, I have personally gained greater clarity of purpose, a clearer soul connection with my I AM, and a deeper sense of reunification with myself as Source. A tangible feeling of Wholeness is becoming common in my everyday experience. My reactions to events and people in my life are transforming into genuine responses. I understand in an immediate way that I make real what I think is real, and that I have the power to change both. More and more, I feel unconditional love and compassion expanding my heart, connecting me to a growing sense of Wholeness and Unity Consciousness. Roshoniel, Saint Cloud, Florida

I have completed my nine months for the Potentiation process and boy am I happy. I now have a life where before I had only restrictions. I can drive my car without wearing a mask. I can shovel shavings for my horses stall without feeling dizzy and sick. I can stay on the computer 6 to 8 hours a day instead of less than one hour. I have a great boyfriend. I am well enough to work and earn a good livingsomething Ive waited 15 years for. The person I was before Potentiation was so physically damaged by heavy metal and other toxicity it was just a matter of time before a nasty reaction would have sent me out with heart failure. Its difficult to describe in words, but I feel new and renewed, as if the best part of me expanded and everything else, including my brain fog, just disappeared. My heartfelt thanks. Dawn Macaskill, Orcas Island, Washington

I am so grateful for Potentiation. It has really helped me turn the corner on emotional reactivity in important relationships. In the midst of conflict I am able to both understand the other person and have on-the-spot clarity about my feelings and the needs of the situation, and communicate it, with respect for myself and the other person. It has transformed conflict around here, with lovely effects that have radiated into my extended family, my daughter, my son and my mother. I plan to write more soon about these powerful and sweet unfoldments. JS, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Thank you so much for last weeks Potentiation session. Ive been involved with energy work for a long time and have never experienced the kind of shift that has happened since connecting with you. Ive already released a lot of emotional garbage. The amazing thing is that even though it was intense, I felt supported. Physically, in fact, I feel better than I have in years. Since the onset of my chronic environmental illness many years ago, any strong emotion would rattle my nervous system and make my allergies worse. Not now. I feel good. The emotional stuff has cleared. I never really expected to feel completely well again, and its a little mind-boggling thinking about what Im going to do with my life as a fully functioning person.Shauna Peterson, Orcas Island, Washington

I want to tell you about the subtle changes that have been taking place in my life since my Potentiation last week. Im experiencing an overall calmness and wisdom. My loved ones seem more drawn to be with me. Im communicating in a more specific and less emotional manner, and have started to just enjoy my time, no matter what Im doing. Ive started observing what 'is' and noticing what does and doesnt work, and am working on re-creating the life I want based purely on my potential. My health is improving every day; Im definitely more aware of what is and isnt contributing to my wellbeing. It has only been a week since my session and I realize I have so much more to be, do and have! Jacquelyn Hayes, Raynham, Massachusetts

At the time of my Potentiation seven months ago, I was depressed and suicidal due to my inability to sleep. Id often go whole nights and only get an hour of sleep. I still struggle somewhat with insomnia, but I no longer, or rarely, have the kind of nights I used to have before Potentiation. Ive also suffered for years from TMJ, but in spite of braces and a mouth full of metal, Ive improved in this area as well. I still have many challenges, but I now generally believe life is worth living and I even have feelings of happiness and joy. I also had a serious case of Restless Leg Syndrome when I began this process. I still have it at times, but lately it has been a lot less. I know this doesnt sound like much, but trust me, its a big deal. I think of all the many things Ive tried, Potentiation has probably been the best investment in my overall health and has helped me the most. Kathy Christoph, Atlanta, Georgia

I consider myself very open-minded and accept the power of spirit to heal physical and mental imbalances. Yet last year when I was suddenly confronted with severe food and chemical allergies after a trip to Haiti, I felt humbled by limitations Id never personally experienced. A yoga and meditation practitioner for many years, I thought I was immune to chronic physical ailments. A close friend recommended Potentiation, and since Id noticed significant improvements in her, I decided to try it. I prepared myself mentally for a week, drawing on my own knowledge of the power of intention to heal. My Potentiation session itself wasnt at first very different from deep meditation. Soon, however, the results were astonishing. In less than two days I felt my allergies completely leave my body, as well as mucus-forming food 'intolerances' to wheat and dairy that had plagued me since childhood. I could eat anything, though Im still vegetarian for moral reasons, and could finally breathe through my nose again! I strongly recommend this healing process, but be very pure and strong in your intention as to why youre 'potentiating.' Don’t forget its your higher mind you’re connecting with, and that healing starts in you. Demeter Russafov, Marshall, North Carolina

Thank you for a most graceful entrance into my Potentiation process. I shared the experience with two other people, one receiving Potentiation and one who was seven months into it, and found that the combined energy and intentional bond we formed brought us all to a state of ecstasy. When the session ended, nothing but radiant bliss was pulsing through my body. I felt moved to embrace the person I was sharing the experience with and we both felt the energy magnify. Ive been in the holistic field for many years, and Potentiation has been one of the most profound processes Ive ever experienced. Jeff Calegari, Novato, California

Im definitely feeling a shift since my Potentiation two weeks ago. Many 'stuck wheels' have begun to move again in my life. I feel strangely 'uplifted' from inside out, as if something almost structural is being built. This is accompanied by a sense of stability and support Ive never felt before. Prior to my session I felt I was sort of 'crumbling' inside, but now I feel Im 'rebuilding.' This change is very obvious. Emotionally, Im doing better than Ive done in a very long time. Many issues Ive struggled to understand for years have suddenly been made clear to me. Ive also gained a more profound awareness of Christ presence through this work. I dont mean that dogmatically. Ive worked with the best energy/spiritual healers on the planet over thirty years, and Potentiation definitely rates among themwith the distinct difference that this also feels like something tangible is being constructed. Potentiation is certainly the 'reset' you call it. Lana Houston, Black Mountain, North Carolina

Since Potentiation I generally have a sense of greater wellbeing, stronger workouts, less sugar and food cravings. I seem to be taking better care of myself, extending myself a certain tenderness, suffering less anxiety. It feels good! Constance Ensner, Asheville, North Carolina

My experience of Potentiation was both subtle and powerful. During the early phase, the first few months, I felt an unusual sense of happiness and peace and an overall subtle shift inside me. Then, as the process unfolded, I realized my food allergies had completely disappeared! Id tried other treatments with limited success, but with Potentiation I gradually noticed I could enjoy food that would have normally caused headaches and spaciness. Very remarkable! Ellen LaPenna, Asheville, North Carolina

Im noticing a subtle but powerful shift. The best I can explain it is that the frequency at which Im vibrating is changing again. Im definitely moving to a higher vibration. And I feel this is definitely tied in with Potentiation. Bob Kaplan, Asheville, North Carolina

What do I feel is different since last weeks Potentiation? There will be a big layoff soon where I work, but I feel much lighter, calmer and more positive. A lot of my depression is gone. Also, for the last couple years Ive felt the left side of my body tightening and Ive constantly had the urge to stretch it. One doctor said I had Illio Tibial Syndrome and gave me stretches to do. A massage therapist/instructor said I had a fascia problem. Being treated by them helped very little. I underwent other unusual therapies, also with little results. But now Ive had a major shift and tremendous release on my left side, especially in the left hip and leg. I really cannot believe it. My left hip is so loose, lighter feeling and rounded out. I do massage therapy and for years have worked on myself. But now there is no need to work on these areas! CH, Streamwood, Illinois

Since initiating the Potentiation process 4 months ago, Ive experienced several rather profound changes. My hot flashes have subsided, which is a real relief and allows me to sleep better at night. Most of the arthritis in my hands and knees has cleared up, reducing my dependence on glucosamine. Ive gone through some detoxification and can sense more energy coming in through my chakras. PD, Waynesville, North Carolina

Since my Potentiation I feel great! I have loads of energy and generally feel balanced. During and just prior to my session last week, I felt immensely relaxed, deeply tranquil. This afternoon I plan to go jogging. I have strength that I havent felt in quite some time. Thank you so much for sharing your healing work with me and humanity. AA, Asheville, North Carolina

My Potentiation session was a transformative experience. I felt a deep connection, sort of the way one can feel an acupuncture needle activating a meridian point. I also felt, and continue to feel, a turning of the mind away from negativity, an enhanced ability to move out of, or not fall into, what I call 'bowling alley gutter mind.' ET, North Hampton, Massachusetts

Thanks for the wonderful Potentiation session last evening. I felt an armor (with lock and key) lift off my heart area with lots of emotional release. The emotion of FRUSTRATION kept coming up along with a HUGE wave of energy starting with my head, heart, stomach area and root chakra areas. I am very grateful for your wonderful healing abilities. CS, Atlanta, Georgia

I kept telling myself to just be open for the activating of my DNA and repatterning of my auric fields [with Potentiation]. I did have a couple of experiences during this time with you. First, I felt like there was a racetrack of energy surrounding my body. Second, about halfway through the session I broke out into a heavy, heavy sweat. Now, I was in very comfortable air-conditioning, so I have to assume there was something going on with my circuits! BN, Santa Monica, California

This is very exciting! I noticed that today, the day after my evening Potentiation session, my emotions seemed to be more on an even keel. I have always been more of an optimist than not, but depression has not been an unusual guest in my life the last several years. Its good to feel LIGHTER again. BY, Chicago, Illinois

Thank you so, so much for all your help! Youve truly been a blessing from God. The day after the Potentiation, my chronic rash disappeared 99.99%. The only thing that seemed to hang with me was a few small spots that only had an irritated sensation on an occasional basis. I feel that these spots are only energy vents, clearing out old residue. All in all I feel GREAT! The positive energy I feel has continually gone in a forward healing mode, which has been so exciting. THANK YOU SO MUCH again! LM, Sylva, North Carolina

My daughter was so pleased with her Potentiation results I had to try it. I had severe food allergies that had escalated through the years to the point where I could barely eat anything without discomfort. Within the first month after Potentiation, I found myself able to add more foods to my diet. It has now been two months since my session, and I feel I've improved at least 70%. I'm 82 years old and to see my health improve so fast is thrilling. LH, Sylva, North Carolina

Things have certainly been interesting in the three months since my Potentiation. I can see things leaving me: emotions, thought patterns, excess weight, old illnesses I didnt know my body was holding onto, less than helpful 'friends,' unused clothes and household items, and just all manner of dross and debris. Thank you! AH, Gastonia, North Carolina

Since my session Ive felt wonderful. Ive been trying several therapies, but I know Potentiation has been the catalyst for any real healing. I just attended an amazing lecture by Dr. Len Horowitz, who explained how DNA is really just an antenna to receive love and light from the Creator, that all healing comes from these higher energies, and that when our DNA gets clouded with chemicals, toxicity and negativity, it shuts off our connection with the universe and ability to heal ourselves. SM, Denver, Colorado


I have experienced much shifting since the Articulation session. I am releasing energies and experiencing much more 'happy' states and balanced states. Feelings I have never, in this lifetimes memory, experienced before. I have seen the perfect atonement since the session and have much to look forward to in continuing to work with you and your sessions. I am already excited to be in contact with you for the next session when that time calls. Your beautiful work and sharing of your gifts is a blessing to all. JS, Hartford, Connecticut

During the session, it didnt feel as powerful as Potentiation, whereas in that session, it felt as if the layers of my heart were peeling and expanding outwards, a very powerful session. Nevertheless, Articulation, although a normal relaxation for me, seems to have benefited me greatly. I noticed after the first few days a shift within me. I feel much, much better about life. I work long hours, but my attitude towards work has altered considerably. I appreciate it much more now. It always was a very good job, and its now I realize how fortunate I really am. It feels as if I am more grounded, a kind of awareness that surrounds me every day, as if the negative poisons of my mind and body have drained away. It really is quite magical. My mindset has changed within one year. Its as if the new energies of the universe connected and tapped into me, drew me to my wonderful girlfriend, and to your website. Your sessions are unique. Mark Davis, South Wales, United Kingdom

Many thanks for being midwives again in the Articulation phase. I felt perfectly connected to my source: energy pouring and flowing. I feel more in balance than ever before, equanimity is probably the best word to put it together. Mindfulness is another aspect I experience deeper and over longer periods. Being aware that I am the one consciousness. Thanks again. Hubert Duijsens, Echteld, Netherlands

I woke up this morning following my Articulation very late, having had a very deep sleep! You two deserve the Nobel prize for the work you do! Lets just say my body is 'getting rid of' what made me so ill in the first place. I can actually see my skin dumping bacteria and pathogens. It was easy to connect with you both at the Theta frequency! As one of my heroes, Richard Bandler, says: All healing is faith healing. Last night I just kept saying to myself, 'I align with Sol and Leigh,' and I could feel the whole process work: audio, visual and kinesthetic! For me after only 12 hours, the results have been staggering, to say the least! DS, London, United Kingdom

Since our Articulation my daughter is quieter and I'm more relaxed. In fact, Ive been in an almost constant relaxed state ever since. Even when provoked by a huge argument an hour after our session. I have to say I feel good. A longer, deeper 'high' than with any other work Ive ever done. Feeling elevated from energy work longer than a day is pretty impressive, if you ask me. My daughter says, 'My skin looks clearer and I dont feel so stressed.' While she seems more lively, I feel more caring and less inclined to worry. So double yay! MH, Asheville, North Carolina

I had Articulation done about two weeks agohave waited to write to see how things go. Think Ive lost 1 or 2 allergiesone to lemons and one to peanut butter. I feel pretty goodlots of energy and a positive attitude. Find myself celebrating just being alivenot very usual for me. Interested to see if this continuesif the rest of the allergies leave. Thanks for your continuing and amazing work. DB, Juneau, Alaska

I felt and continue to feel Articulation more profoundly and consciously than Potentiation. It feels very deep but also gentle and nonintrusive. I have been meditating for 13 years and have historically found it difficult to carry the consciousness of my meditative states into my everyday life. So I have often felt like two people. Since Articulation I feel more present, more incarnated, and more like one person. Interestingly, my son developed a fever within a few hours of the Articulation. He was asleep by the time of our session and I didnt check on him until much later, so I dont know if he developed the fever immediately. But he looks wonderful and lighter, as if some burden a five-year-old should not have has been lifted from him. Something wonderful is happening. AM, Phoenixville, Pennsylvania

It was evident I was immediately empowered because in recent days, after my Articulation, Ive been facing extremely challenging circumstances at work: a presentation to 40 people on a $7 million technology project that surprised some because of unresolved issues ... follow-up discussions with my Chief Information Officer and the VP of Technology ... and recovery from some of the the 'fallout.' In spite of these challenges, everyone involved is pulling together. There was a potential for people to get defensive; however, everyone is very helpful and creative in figuring out solutions. Communication between everyone has been enhanced. I was simply looking forward to my increased creativity and enhanced communication. But its apparent that everyone on my project has benefited from Articulation. VB, Dallas, Texas

Following my Articulation Im experiencing huge waves of energy. Additionally, Ive had big energetic openings that relate to the second and fourth chakrasphysical energies shifting as well as beliefs and emotions. Im definitely moving into more of a 'third-person' awareness, which is kind of a surprise in the midst of all these powerful awakenings. Ive also had lots of mostly positive movement in the relationship area. Strangely enough, with all of this going on I feel Im definitely moving to a place of internal stability and balance. This is truly some powerful work! TV, Cincinnati, Ohio

In the months since our Articulation session Ive experienced a newfound sense of gentleness with myselfon all levels. Ive also felt stronger during workouts and am breathing much easier. Im also waking up happy, in contrast to a previous sense of heaviness and feeling overwhelmed. In addition, Im more 'psychic'! Many neat synchronistic things have been happening. I have a sense of my emotional defenses lessening, a sort of braver vulnerability. In addition, there's been a total dissipation of my weird food disorders. Throughout the process Ive seemed to take 10 steps forward then 1 step back then 10 steps forward againas if the last remnants of dysfunction were being released. NP, Seattle, Washington


I did feel the power of my Elucidation session. It was wonderful. The first three days I feel could the disruption in my energy field and my body, breaking down the old patterns so the new could be put in place. By the fourth day I felt more settled. Now when limiting thoughts and feelings come up, they just seem to float through my awareness without sticking to me. I have been following my thoughts and feelings back to the sponsoring belief system or thought form for some time now so I understand that part of it but before I would still feel bad and the emotions would overtake me so I couldnt function at my optimum. Many of my negative feelings were from before birth and during my early years so I didnt really  know how to feel differently. I would try to imagine a different more positive picture but I was still always struggling with the density overload and the nonproductive feelings which I couldnt seem to make a permanent change in. I have tried different healing methods, DNA activations, visualizations, affirmations, deeksha, and more over the years but never have I reached the desired level of mastery that I seek. I am hopeful that I am on the right path to be able to manifest the full potential of who I am.  Thank you for your work and your help. I think you might be on the right track to really make the changes necessary to move forward. I think my learning experiences are similar to many so as I am able to get through others can do the same thing. I have been blessed with good health most of my life so I dont have health issues. My problems stemmed from emotional and mental negative programming from dysfunctional family structures. I dont blame them I am just understanding where things originate from and how they affect us. I will have a update as I see how this unfolds. VT, Rensselaer, New York

I enjoy reading your work and am enormously grateful to you both. There are many changes on many levels going on for all of us. We all have more energy. My chronic fatigue is much, much better, but I still have afternoon lows. I have a slight and partial form of what could be dyslexia; translating thought into language, at times articulation of speech and hearing ... This has also improved slightly in this last month. I always thought this problem was tied to the emotional level, as it has caused much frustration in my life, especially in these recent years ... so it will be interesting to see what happens in these next nine months with Elucidation! SS, Udine, Italy

I have been going through the most mind-blowing transformational experiences ever, and I just checked up on how it corresponds to the unfoldment of Elucidation on the Schematic, and I have goosebumps right now! It is all too complicated to properly convey by email, but I at least wanted to say to you how much I appreciate the work you are doing and the gift you are providing to humanity from the bottom of my heart. Thank you so much! Ceth Ranney, Vancouver, Canada

Right after my Elucidation session, I felt so light and clear. I felt blocked energy releasing right away. My kundalini turned on and I experienced incredible warmth emanating from my second chakra area and then throughout the rest of my body. I noticed three distinct shifts in my energy. My emotions went from frustration and pain to enthusiasm and joy. It feels like a great burden has been lifted from my space and I dont have to struggle anymore. This has been the most dramatic of my sessions as far as my noticing energy shifts and changes during the session. I expect the months ahead will be interesting! Thanks so much for doing the work you are doing. It will definitely be one of the primary healing modes of the future. JE, Oakland, California

I did indeed feel the energy strongly during my (our) Elucidation session. It was different this time from previous sessions. I felt a very high, intense energy around my head, but only from the ears up, as if my head were divided in half horizontally. It felt as if there must be a very high vibration being directed to that part of my body. Below my ears/nose to about midway on my chest was a more mellow energy. I really didnt feel anything further down on my torso and legs. During the session, the 'above' energy lessened a bit in intensity and seemed to almost meld with the 'below' energy, but the feeling of having a 'divided head' remained distinct. I found it interesting and thrilling to experience. Thank you both for being such wonderful Lightworkers, and for creating, developing and facilitating this amazing healing process. EL, Daly City, California


Thank you so much for a great Transcension session! The energy was thick, very rich, with enormous depth and so many layers. Even before the session I could feel waves of joy and bliss. This is what I sensed. First, all the major and minor chakras were spinning, and there was a unified spin to them. Really beautiful!! I also felt that there was a fusion of the macrocosm (Source energy) with the microcosm (the minutest aspects, below the cellular level of the physical body). Very significant. As if for the first time, real union between spirit and matter was achieved. At times I felt like I was liquid light. The activation of the kundalini was present throughout. Then at times I was expanding into infinity. Beautiful and very difficult to put into words. Thank you with all my heart. Brigitte Feaster, Providence, Rhode Island

As the moment arrived for my Transcension, I was calmly relaxing. I immediately felt myself slide deep down into a space within my heart that seemed to have seven chambers. Right away, I had access to a different paradigm and new frequency. In the early moments my sense of grounding seemed slippery and wet as the spinning and dropping sensation continued and I sensed myself falling into wide open spaces. I felt a sense of safety and knew all was well. The evening seemed to pass quickly and the morning sun awakened me from a deep dream state. As I opened my eyes, the view seemed brighter and more available. Colors were brilliant and a 'crispness' was audible as if I was experiencing a New Beginning. This was about two months ago. Today, I feel a wholeness and 'self-replicating' pattern every waking moment. Truly, Regenetics is 'For Those with Ears to Hear,' as I now understand and hear my own 'light signature.' It is as if Ive been climbing, searching, yearning for this momentand now Ive arrived. Im experiencing being human with new depth, understanding, and fullness. I can hold space and allow reaction and judgment to pass around and through me with no ill effects. Miracles are available and becoming an ordinary daily experience. Ive been able to release my fears, and see the magic in 'ordinary' day-to-day living, as struggle has disappeared. As this new state grows, my recognition brightens and abundance is even more plentiful. Ive become a star adding the light of my wholeness to the Shift. Cheryl Diane, Annapolis, Maryland

I have just completed the fourth activation of the Regenetics Method, Transcension, and immediately I had a totally new perception of Oneness, in which I simply am all the things around me, even the whole world ... indeed, all that is. Before it was just a concept; now its reality. Funny, really, that I didnt see it that way before. It just makes you smile and feel very, very serene. The activations that my wife Nicole and I received have greatly increased the occurrence of synchronicities as we work to achieve our life purpose in collaboration with others, on a scale not considered possible before. Peter Shepherd, Neuilly, France

Regenetics Method

A subtle but very real thing occurred just three weeks after Potentiation. Id suffered a math phobia for most of my life, ever since having my head thrown at a blackboard for getting a math problem wrong in grade school. (Prior to that, I was a math whiz!) So severe was the trauma that I cringed at anything that had to do with numbers. Imagine getting an MBA with such trauma! Years later, after Potentiation, it felt like tiny tiles were releasing from my brain and suddenly the calculator became my friend as I looked forward to numbers and calculations, and even to doing the financials in clients business plans that Id formerly farmed out to accountants. WOW! This was so exciting and freeing! Over time, my allergies and asthma also faded into a distant memory. The suffering was simply gone, and more and more vibrant health was becoming mine. As I went on to Articulation and then Elucidation, I experienced greater depths of living and loving. The separation Id always felt changed to a oneness with everything and everyone. New possibilities and fresh insights arose. Some changes were subtle, and others profound and obvious. My entire being changed to a 'Light-ness' I'd never felt before. As an Interfaith Minister, counselor and coach, Ive learned and shared so many modalities to effect changes in clients. Some changes 'stuck' longer than others, but none ever deeply and profoundly changed the client at the core level and lasted like the transformations Ive personally experienced and observed in others through Regenetics DNA activations. This one modality directly and permanently promotes transformation at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. I believe there is nothing like it! I am forever grateful I found Regenetics. Martha Snee, Wood-Ridge, New Jersey

Thank you so very much for your wonderful information, feedback and everything that you do, which is such a beautiful gift to the world. I have already signed up for Transcension and look forward to hearing from you. I cannot even mention to you what has happened to me for the last two years ... It is still going on. I can now take control of any situation and have learned the real meaning behind 'Unity Consciousness,' which is the love one feels for everything and everyone ... no matter what harm is done to you. I can assure you that nothing has helped more than receiving your help through the Regenetics Method! As always, I am deeply indebted to you both. PH, London, United Kingdom

For years I looked for my Divine Purpose, which led me to begin studying natural healing. I did courses in quantum physics and discovered the Regenetics Methodand my whole world changed. I deeply appreciate that Potentiation and Articulationto say nothing of Elucidationhave taken me into a new level in my own consciousness. This has been a gradual process of letting go of my old beliefs, my 'not being good enough' identity, and being reborn into a life that is exactly what I always dreamed of. Unbelievable blessings have happened in my life since I began the Regenetics Method. I now have abundant energy, health, and wealth! The Regenetics activations have supported my spiritual growth and evolution in a relatively easy way. My body is no longer a burden, but more energized than ever. My energy sustains over time in a new way. I realize that Im a creative Being with increasing amounts of blessing, joy and delight in my life. My finances have improved dramatically, as have my relationships. I find myself being able to help people as never before, with access to the right words at the right times, while no longer being 'caught' by my emotions as before. Finally, amazing 'coincidences' have become increasingly evident and common in my daily existence. Amanda Velloen, Pretoria, South Africa

I was introduced to Conscious Healing through another DNA activation certification program I was being trained in, which assigned Book One on the Regenetics Method as required reading. The first time I read Conscious Healing I felt a strong connection and a feeling of unity and resonance to the material and the creators of this work. I started the Regenetics Method one year ago and just recently entered the third Phase, Elucidation Triune Activation, which was the most powerful session so far for me. I have been on a conscious path of healing and wholeness for two decades, and it is extraordinary to experience the deep healing and transformation that is taking place within me through the Regenetics Method. Deep-seated, unresolved emotional issues are being surfaced and cleared through the torsion energy now filling my bioenergetic field. I am able to observe the process while simultaneously experiencing an expansion of consciousness which is giving me a feeling of spaciousness and freedom in my awareness. Through this work I have gained a greater sense of being the creator of my life. I am very clear that I have freedom of choice in areas that once felt difficult and stagnant to deal with--regardless of how much inner work I did. Especially around the area of money and finances, I used to feel stuck. It is just in the last five months of this process that I am experiencing substantial movement and have become a partner in a business that is flourishing and thriving! I have also experienced healing in my physical body. Before Potentiation I was making frequent trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night. An acupuncturist told me my kidneys were deteriorating. Well, my kidneys are stronger and healthier than ever, and for months now I have enjoyed a good night’s rest. I highly recommend the Regenetics Method. It is effective and efficient, and is also a great value! Lillian Bajor, Los Angeles, California

Two years ago I was frantically looking for healing for a degenerative eye disease that was slowly blinding me. I totally rejected the idea of an operation, the cure offered by Western medicine. After reading Conscious Healing by Sol Luckman, I knew that I must try the Regenetics Method of DNA activation. During the first phase of this method, Potentiation, I fell into a dream where I was a giant stick figure striding through the universe. One or two steps was enough to take me to new Suns. Over the next five months, I was aware of a wave of energy slowly working its way through my energy fields and physical body. I experienced a slow, usually very gentle process in which I gained a newfound appreciation of life. Fascinatingly, Potentiation helped me overcome my eye diseasethough indirectly. In a subtle but extremely important way, this work encouraged me to move beyond my duality and its resultant 'blockage' where the Western medical approach to this particular issue was concerned. Also, I believe that the enlivening process I experienced as Source energy tracking through my energy body after Potentiation helped prepare me on many levels to accept perfect success from my eye operation, when I finally got around to it. I most highly recommend Potentiation as well as the rest of the Regenetics Method to anyone who is looking for beneficial change in a variety of areas related to physical disease or pain, including discomfort and issues rooted in emotional or mental blockages. If you wish to have a greater conscious experience of yourself as a spiritual physical being, the Regenetics Method is definitely for you. David Masson, Montreal, Canada

Even though Id been on a journey of healing and conscious mastery since 1977, and had made progress in becoming integrated and embodied, and had known periods of great joy and profound transformation, I still felt that a fundamental part of me would never catch up with my mental understanding of such higher states of being and awareness. Though I was in many ways more satisfied and recognized than ever before, I still felt somehow 'fragmented.' At 59 as a professional therapist, part of me felt myself beginning to die inside, tired of it all, my life force waning. As soon as I discovered the Regenetics Method and read about the Fragmentary Body, the missing piece for me, I contacted the Developers and booked my initial session. By supporting me through the release of two limiting relationships and the 'upgrading' of several more to healthier states, Potentiation helped me realize something Id been unable to achieve before in all my spiritual and therapeutic pursuits: a sealed energy field with no more ongoing energy loss and no more vulnerability to compromising situations and relationships. In my estimation no amount of therapy or mental processing could have achieved comparable results. I actually felt the sealing of my energy field and, to this day, have no more problems navigating challenging circumstances, personal or professional. The Regenetics Method has tremendously improved my work as a therapist as well as my personal relationships, old and new. As a fringe benefit, Im often told I look ten years younger! Certainly, I feel younger, excited to be alive again, with consistently more joy. Angelika Wienrich, London, United Kingdom

Since experiencing Potentiation and Articulation, massive waves of transformation have rolled endlessly through our realities and set us ashore in new and uncharted lands. Where and how this shall unfold following Elucidation is already lit with beacons of possibilities that have been yearning for lifetimes to be revealed and expressed. As to our dearest most treasured grandson, Cooper. He is now 3 1/2 and everyone is charmed and enchanted by his poise, charisma, wisdom and intelligence. When we began our group Potentiation, we were aware that Cooper had a powerful potential to embody a wonderful expression this lifetime. We were carefully providing energy and intention from behind the scenes even before his conception and birth. When he was 2 1/2 we saw that we needed something capable of lifting Cooper out of the ocean of chaos surrounding him so that he would experience no delays or obstructions to his awakening. Spirit’s answer to our call was Regenetics. It is now one year later and we and Cooper are the only ones truly aware of the impact of Potentiation and Articulation on his life and consciousness. Everyone else sees an astonishing young man showing all the signs of leadership and compassionate comprehension of reality. His parents note that Cooper is already processing many areas of mind, body and emotion in extraordinary ways and are amazed every day. We know that Cooper has come with a heart vision this lifetime and would most likely have been extraordinary all on his own. But we strongly believe that our clear intentions and your precise processes were able to guarantee his unstoppable integrity of momentum to the center of his own highest, grandest and most magnificent expression. On behalf of Cooper and ourselves, a deep bow of honor and thanks to you two noble beings for all you are doing. Jim and Kathleen, Brattleboro, Vermont

It is almost bizarre to retell something that now seems so distant, but I am inspired and guided to share this with others who may be searching and would cry tears of relief at hearing of anothers triumph. In the late 90s I was living and working as a teacher in New Jersey. I started noticing lowered immunity, depression, frustration with personal relationships, and a deep ache inside to 'feel good.' I began listening to a radio talk show about health and attending 12 step meetings and Unity Church in search of a daily way of 'connecting.' I resigned from my position as a middle school teacher and began my studies in Nutrition, Natural Cookery, and Naturopathy. Upon returning home to Virginia in 2000, I crashed. Suddenly I was having serious trouble sleeping, became severely bloated, had major digestive discomfort and distress, felt I would die each month before my period, experienced anxiety, depression, 'brain fog,' malaise, fatigue, aching muscles, fear, and despair. I experimented with practically every diet known to humankind, in addition to energy work, acupuncture, allergy elimination techniques, EFT, hardcore supplementation, sauna therapy, reiki, electrical cellular stimulation, IV therapy, reflexology, psychic detox techniques, acupressure techniques for emotional release, massage, heavy metal detox, German machinery, microscopy, and others. Although some alleviated my symptoms, I still did not feel a fundamental shift. One morning at 4 am, I was guided to do Internet research and found a commentary on a bulletin board about someones boyfriend who had 'taken Potentiation' and healed his Leaky Gut Syndrome. Thinking Potentiation was a bottle of homeopathic drops, I contacted Sol and Leigh and began my journey through the Regenetics Method. The level of neuro-toxicity (caused by vaccine damage and compounded by other factors) I carried was quite high and Potentiation was the perfect avenue for its departure from my body. The process was intense at times, but I could gradually feel a lifting of the 'sludge' and knew I was headed for a life-affirming existence after years of extreme discomfort. This technique has helped transform my life beyond anything I could have imagined. Celena Hadlock, Dallas, Texas

I was not very skeptical about the concept of DNA Activation prior to the Regenetics Method. I had heard of other methods, but was waiting for yours. There is no doubt it worked for me. While I have not fully gotten over all of my environmental allergies, I was pretty bad, and have much less attachment to them now. Rare is the day now that I wake up not breathing through my nose. Lately, I eat pretty normally, for me that is, and have virtually gotten over sugar cravings.  I have a better understanding of my purpose, and more energy to carry it out. I had the most kundalini movement and most intense experience of awareness of everything around me from Potentiation; but I think that was because it initiated the most change in my case. I still have some back pain, but it is a lot better and it does not have the emotional impact it used to. A big step has been taken toward realizing my intention for the activations. Full fruition has not come; but I can see much of how it will. I am really rather pleased with my current manifestation, even though that might seem odd to a logical mind. I believe Regenetics is worth more than you are charging. It is so clear that it works, and even the sequence and timeline are accurate. I will recommend the Regenetics Method to those I think can hear it.
Beverly Welbourne, Goshen, Ohio

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