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Contact us by telephone: 1.302.476.2333


About the Developers

is a painter, writer and bio-spiritual educator. After becoming chronically ill, he made his living with a form of allergy elimination technique before embarking on a self-healing quest that resulted in the Regenetics Method. Visit his personal website.

Leigh is a chartered herbalist through Dominion Herbal College with over a decade of experience and an extensive background in nutrition, homeopathy, flower essences, and energy medicine.

We trust you have enjoyed our website and welcome your feedback. It has been our intention to present the Regenetics Method as comprehensibly as possible in a virtual format.

May you be “activated” to discover your own amazing potential!


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Conscious Healing

Read the Book. Experience the Method. Activate Your Potential!

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Potentiate Your DNA

Consciously Heal & Transform Your Life!

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Activate Your Potential

Reset Your Bioenergy Blueprint.

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Facilitator Certification

Become Certified in this "Revolutionary Healing Science" (NEXUS).

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